Accountability for A-players 

Be held to your greatness. Daily.


Do Anything You Set Your Mind To 

Get matched with life-changing teammates

Follow through on your dreams & goals

Join a tribe 100% committed to growth

How it Works 

Join a 45 day “sprint” where you work daily with a 3-person accountability team and a coach toward one major goal. 

Teams of Three

One Goal

One Daily Action

One Daily Habit 

Review Calls

Rewards & Consequences

Our Tribe Has Worked With


"My business doubled our revenue, I haven’t missed a gym session I committed to, and I’m in a happier relationship." 

Mathew Lazarus | CEO Archbolt Marketing

"If you want to get slapped in the face with encouragement and positive people, you need to get on board. The level of accountability is absolutely priceless."

Jess Papesh | Founder & CEO Fresh Life Organics

"I set a goal I thought I'd never reach in 30 days and I absolutely killed it. It’s crazy — my teammates know me better than some of the closest people in my life." 

Carly Kaplan | Executive Coach

Our Promise

We've been running our own accountability teams for 3+ years, and have spent 10,000+ hours refining goal-setting and team dynamics.  

Our stringent vetting and matching process guarantees your teammates will take you to the next level (and then some!). 

We're here to help you close the gap between who you are, and who you want to be — for good.

Your Investment

$750 for the 45-day sprint.

Bring your own team and the price drops to $650 per person.

100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you complete the program, and don't get the value that you want, we'll give you your money back. 

No questions asked. 

We Know It Works Because We've Done It Ourselves.

Meet Team Exponential. Aka your excuses worst nightmare.

Gareth Hermann | Driver

"I used Exponential Lifestyle to create a massive financial breakthrough - I have 4x my income since I started."

Spencer Jacobson | Visionary

"I built a 7-figure business in less than a year, developed incredible, inspiring friendships, all while creating the best health of my life."

Kevin Hermann | Linchpin

"Wrote the poetry collection, started the business, healed the relationship - and become the person I've always wanted to be in the process." 

Program Details

Phase I: Goal Setting & On-Boarding (14 days)

  • Set specific SMART goals, habits, and rewards/consequences
  • Facilitated team formation process with our founding team
  • Onboarding into accountability structures and tools

Phase II: 30 Day Sprint!

  • Set one daily action each day 
  • Execute one daily keystone habit 
  • Join a weekly call to break through resistances
  • Ongoing access to support when you're stuck

Upcoming Programs

45 Day | Important Dates 

  • Applications DUE: Friday, September 20th, 2019
  • Community Kick-off Call: Sunday, September 29th @ 5 pm EST
  • 2-week On-Boarding: Monday, September 30th - Sunday, October 13th
  • 30-day Sprint: Monday, October 14th - Sunday, November 10th
  • Community Closing Call: Sunday, November 10th @ 5 pm

90 Day | Important Dates

  • Monday, September 30th — Sunday, December 15th
  • Rest & Recover Week: November 10th - 17th

**NOTE: MUST have completed 6 week program to apply for the 90 day program. 


Watch this video response to a few FAQs, including:  

  • What actually happens during a 45-day sprint? 
  • How do we form teams? 
  • What are the results? 
  • How much time does this program take? 
  • Who should NOT join? 
  • And, why is this the BEST investment you can make towards achieving your goals?

Be Unreasonable. Be Extraordinary.

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